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Salvage Boyz is operated by Jaylen, a 13 year old entrepreneur, that was inspired to start his own business in 2017 based on saving the planet and offering vintage, repurposed, & tons of cool stuff at affordable competitive prices.  Salvage Boyz is open Wednesdays - Fridays 11am -5pm; Second & Fourth Saturdays, special occasions, classes and for private shopping.

Salvage Boyz is located Downtown Hampton in the A Fishman Building on the corner of Wine Street and Queens Way.  Downtown Hampton has lots to offer with boutiques, eateries, museumsand entertainment all nestled within walking distance of the Hampton Harbor, historic Hampton Carousel, minutes to Interstates and free parking for guests.

Salvage Boyz is open during the week Wednesday - Friday; second & fourth Saturdays

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"Jaylen is so helpful and knowledgeable! Awesome young owner! I always leave this store feeling blessed." 

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