Salvage Boyz Flip Challenge 2019

Let’s get ready to FLIP!  

Repurpose, recreate & inspire others to take items and find new purpose with them.  We are pleased to announce a monthly challenge for 2019 that will get us all thinking outside of the box to save the planet one piece (or two) at a time.  

Our first FLIP ended in a BANG! Our second Flip Challenge is underway.  We will be selling a FLIP Bag for $10.00.  All bags will contain a Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint.  Your job once you secure your bag-you assignment is to utilize the paint in any way you choose.  Be creative!  Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint can be used on fabric, glass, metal, plastic, wood and almost any surface.   The only goal is your color must be incorporated into your project.  You can do any type of project.  Repurpose, Reuse, and ReCreate.

We encourage you to challenge others to join in, vblog your Flip Challenge experience, share with your friends and get them to vote by loving your photo on our Facebook page, Instagram, and/or Pinterest Board and LIVE at our Salvage Boyz' Flip Market Showcase on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 10am - 5pm. 

To take part, you must purchase your FLIP Challenge Bag from Salvage Boyz.  Bags can be pre-paid & reserved online and will be able to pick up at your convenience.  We have SOLD OUT at this time.

We encourage you to use the #FlipChallenge and tag Salvage Boyz in your posts.  You can videotape your bag opening, take pictures of your project progress or keep it a secret to not give your competition any ideas.  By Friday, April 5th midnight, all pictures of your painted item must be texted to 757-726-7193 or emailed to  Please include your name so that we can match the item to the right person. If your item will be available for sale, please include HOW MUCH in your text or email to us.  (You can message on FB with this information as well.)

On April 6th, all finished items will be posted on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest Board for voting. You are encouraged to get the most votes you can until April 13th.  All likes and loves will be totaled for each item.  On Saturday, April 13th, all participants will be encouraged to bring their  item into Salvage Boyz for display for LIVE voting at Salvage Boyz Flip Market Showcase.  

At the Flip Market Showcase you can get even more chances to pull off the WIN!  Encourage your friends and family to come out and vote for you AGAIN!  You can mark your item for SALE or DISPLAY ONLY.  If you sell, your item you will keep 70% of your net sale and receive BONUS VOTE POINTS for the sale.  (You will get credit for 100% of the sale towards bonus votes) The top selling item will receive an additional 25 vote points.  Reference Bonus Votes on sale items below:

Sale Under $25.00     -     5 points

Sale Up to $50 over $25     -    10 points

Sale Up to $75 over $50    -    15 points

Sale Over $100.00     -    20 points

The person with the most voting points wins. All loves & likes on your flip item picture combined with LIVE votes and any bonus vote points will be counted.  The person with the highest points wins.  The winner will receive $100.00 Lowes Gift Card.  No cash value.  

An individual or a team of no more than 2 can participate on one Flip bag.  You don’t have to participate in the LIVE event but is a benefit to you to do so.  Items can be dropped off prior to Showcase. All items will be listed for sale on our page and on local selling sites during the voting week.  Email us with all questions.

No Experience Required.  Just a will to create!


  • Deadline to submit photo of flip April 5th by midnight to include if it is for sale and HOW MUCH
  • Start getting votes April 6th to April 13th
  • Get LIVE votes and SELL SELL YOUR Flip at Salvage Boyz' Flip Market on April 13th 10am - 5pm
  • Winner announced Sunday, April 14th LIVE on Facebook

The next Salvage Boyz Flip Challenge will be announced on or before April 13th, 2019 and the winner has a chance to win up to $100 in prizes to be announced. Stay tuned.

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